UCSD Anthropology Club Links

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UCSD Links

Anthropology Department Website
The best place to find out more about anthropology at UCSD, including info on classes offered, major requirements, and faculty.

Jim Moore's Biological Anthropology Page
This is a great site for all Anthro majors, not just BioAnthro types! It has tons of fantastic anthropology links, plus a wealth of information about careers in anthropology and a constantly updated list of available jobs, internships, et cetera. This is the place to go if you're looking for opportunities to get some research experience, if you want to find out more about grad school, or if you find yourself asking the question, "What does one do with a degree in anthropology?"

SAGE Anthropology
Social Sciences and Humanities Library (Geisel)'s resources for paper research in anthropology. Don't forget to visit Kathy Creely, the resident Anthro/Archaeo librarian, for more information.

SAGE Archaeology
Social Sciences and Humanities Library (Geisel)'s resources for paper research in archaeology. Don't forget to visit Kathy Creely, the resident Anthro/Archaeo librarian, for more information.

Archaeology Links

American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA)
Organization networking biological anthropologists, both professors and students, worldwide.

News from various sources on archaeology; updated daily.

Archaeology Magazine's News
News from Archaeology Magazine.
Live, up-to-the-minute archaeology news from world-wide sources, complete with free news feeds.

Discovery Archaeology News
Discovery's reports on the latest in archaeological findings.

National Geographic
Archaeology and paleontology articles.

An invaluable resource for those searching for digs and field schools.

Society for American Archaeology
Another great resource for all those with inclinations to dig things up. This one has updates on what's happening in the world of archaeology, and a huge list of job openings in the U.S.

Society for Historical Anthropology (SHA)
American organization focusing on modern archaeology (1400CE to Present), beginning with European exploration and expansion. Emphasis primarily on the New World but also encompassing sites worldwide.

Twitter Aggregate
An aggregate of great Twitter accounts that report on archaeology news and links.

Primate/Biological Anthropology Links

The Bushmeat Crisis Task Force
To be an animal researcher these days is to also be a conservationist. This site may not be specifically geared towards non-human primates, but it certainly has a lot to do with their future and with the future of many other species as well.

CGS Homepage
The official website of the International Center for Gibbon Studies.

The Great Ape Project
GAP is a movement to extend "basic human rights" to our closest living relatives. This is definitely worth a look.

The Jane Goodall Institute
Every good list of primate links has to have a link to Jane Goodall, right?

Primate Info Net
One of the best sites out there for primatologists. It has news from the world of primate research, plus many great links and job listings!

Other Links

Anthropology on the Web
A terrific collection of anthropology links to get anyone started on the subject!

Texas A & M: Anthropology in the News
Texas A & M's anthropology department's news site.