In the past we have read and discussed articles provided by club members. These articles have been from all branches of Anthropology and promote interaction and understanding with and of other fields within Anthropology. This practice may come back again this year, so keep a lookout for updates below.

Listed here are links to the articles that have been read and discussed at past club meetings (if they are available online).

Winter 2011

January 14: Depth of the Kindness Hormone Appears to Know Some Bounds

Fall 2010

October 15: Hunting One Language, Stumbling Upon Another
October 8: The Language That Lovers Share Is a 'Window' Into the State of Their Relationship

Spring 2010

April 9: Chutes and Ladders: Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Health Care Access for Undocumented Workers

Winter 2010

March 5: Ostrich Eggs Used in Stone-Age Communication
January 29: Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert
January 15: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema